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Sarah here!

a business and wealth energetics consultant for multidimensional brands and entrepreneurs.
Guiding them to their soul offers and igniting within them their soul missions.
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Have CONSISTENT high cash months by turning your money blocks into money magnets by learning how to use the entirety of your mind for goal reaching – no holds barred.
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Align with your highest self as you understand and really experience how your internal world is a reflection of your external world and that everything you work on within will spill out to everything that you have access to - your past, present, future.
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Kind Words

Having self-awareness gives me the opportunity and freedom to change things about myself. I am grateful that I attended coach Sarah’s workshop. I now have an inner peace and wealthy state(personal view of wealth-it can be monetary,relationship or health) which I can access anytime. I never experienced this kind of meditations from before, it was a unique experience. Personally, I view her workshop just like I attended a premium course to learn a profitable skills and it has so much value with leverage from the source that you can count on. She is approachable and authentic. Lovelots coach Sarah ❤

- Abby Briva

Before, I was an anxious person.
But after a few months of attending her classes and workshops, it felt like there’s something inside of me that has been changed.
I can say that I have an inner peace now. And my relationships with other people and with God (spiritual aspect) have been improved too.
You can learn many things about science and even religion from her. I love the way how she relates these two subjects. ❤

-Thea Dani

I'm a firm believer of the saying that everything happens for a reason. I met Coach Sarah when I was at one of my lowest moments. I was in such a negative state. It was Coach Sarah who opened my eyes to possibilities and changed my attitude towards life. Coach Sarah helped to change my mindset in dealing with my obstacles in life. I highly recommend her programs WAW and QCA because they will help empower you and understand yourself better. Thank you for all your work, Sarah 💕

-Henilyn Nejal

I've downloaded her App and attended a day's worth of training - and I must say, Sarah is the *epitome* of under promise and over deliver.
So much insights on wealth, abundance, and what could be holding us back.
It's true that her genius is reconciling maps and frameworks - not as an apology, but a genuine holistic and integrative view.

Her seminars feature psychology, neuroscience, Eastern philosophy, amd yes even Christian Beliefs like no other I've attended.
Highly recommended!

-Jalvi Valdes

I went into her training carrying negative energy towards myself but after the training, I was able to move forward and feel good with myself which resulted to being comfortable dining out alone. It was a huge progress for me in a short span of time.

What I like with Coach Sarah
- She’s very generous with the materials
- Her practices are sustainable
- Active and loving community
- And Above all, she walks the talk

It’s a very worthwhile investment. I’ll continuously enroll in her programs and will definitely recommend her to my family and friends.

-Arjoy Lambino

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Retreat for the soul

An opportunity to re-center, renew recharge and go through a magical in-person, immersive experience… in one of the Philippines' most beautiful destinations: La Union!
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It will be my pleasure to align you with your higher purpose, help you get clarity and bring you more of what you want in your life!
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Awakening your human brilliance, magic, and divinity. 
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