June 1, 2020

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I have a confession

When you see yourself in the mirror, do you like what you see? Are you even able to look yourself straight without judgment?

I know some who don’t even dare look at themselves.

I used to be one of them.

There were moments in my life I couldn’t even stand looking at myself straight past 2 seconds. All I can do is zero in on my eyebags, my pimples, my scars, etc.

I’d focus on my flaws and those I thought were my ugly parts- and I’ll go on my day not realizing the compounding negative impact this has with my self esteem.

The built in filters on our cameras didn’t help either. They only made me feel even more “unreal.”

Ironic as it may seem, even though I’m a makeup artist, I don’t wear makeup often. I’m too lazy for that. I don’t even have a proper skin care routine- so yes, I have giant pores, oily skin, acne scars, etc.


They are all part of who I am.

And I used to be my meanest critique.

Then one day I decided to stop. It’s not an overnight miracle, but a continuous decision made daily. A decision to work on myself and a big part of that is loving myself, for who I am.

So I stopped focusing on my flaws and…

Instead recognized and accepted them, and then shifted my focus to things that I actually like and admire about myself and my body.

I think what’s important is to not ignore your imperfections, but to accept them, embrace them as part of who you are.

No one is perfect– such a cliche, I know.

But quite relevant today. Sotp believing what the media is feeding you.

They’re all fake. Curated to make others look like they have everything together and it’s not event intentional.

It just makes sense that people would more likely celebrate, post and announce their wins, because who wants otherwise?

But it’s a mind trick.

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No matter what you look and how well you fit into what’s dictated to be “beautiful” it will still be up to you to choose wether you’ll see yourself with judgment and hate, or with kindness, love and acceptance.

I’m turning 28 tom and I’m starting to see lines when I smile, wrinkles at the corners of my eyes, a little less volume on my hair, stretch marks, cellulites, and you know what? It doesn’t bother me at all. 

Do I still like makeup? Hell yeeah! Makeup is a work of art and is empowering.

To look beautiful is great, but to feel beautiful (despite flaws) is different and so much better.

So, Celebrate you. 


x Sarah S. 


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