September 24, 2020

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Hello dear one.

It’s nice to talk to you and feel your presence again…

I see you enjoy watching the clouds fly by in lazy afternoons as you climb up your rooftop or sit by the tree branches you’ve climbed.

I see you enjoy gazing at the stars and the moon at night, mesmerized by their light.

I hear you wonder in your innocent curiosity, about the nature of life itself.

I hear you wonder how the flowers grow, and why the sky is blue, and how the rains form and why water feels funny.

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You’ve wondered how touching the clouds would feel like, since you’ve always had dreams where you fly through them.

I thought it was really funny that you’ve asked your teacher which part of the Bible is a fairytale, and which part does history start.

You’ve wondered why people smoke when it obviously was stinky and tasted terrible when you tried it yourself.
You’ve always wondered if the animals you so fondly talk to, understand your words and know you love them.

I know you always pick up kittens from the road and bring them home to care for, even though our mother doesn’t really feel happy about it.
You’ve wondered if someone was living on the moon, looking down on earth asking exactly the same questions you had.

I hear you wondered why there are emotions that are unpleasant. Why there is anger and sadness and why a lot of adults are unhappy.

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I know you’ve hurt frogs because one night you dreamt that a giant frog ate your family. and after that, you got really angry at the frogs and may have killed some when you placed big stones on top of the hollow blocks where they were occasionally in.

I know you felt guilty and sad for a long time when you did that, and have since then have been scared of frogs….

You’ve been fascinated with the idea of death and have always wondered what happens afterwards.

Where does this “consciousness” that you are experiencing go?

More like when a donut is eaten, where does the donut hole go?

These are all so beautiful questions.
And I want to assure you, you will get the answers you so badly wanted.
Some of them soon, some of them are yet to come.

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But there are things I really want to tell you…

I want you to know that you deserve to be here.

In this lifetime.

And there is nothing you need to do.. to have.. to change.. to accomplish.. to prove…
no-one else that you have to “be” to deserve this life.

The fact that you’re here right now, in this moment is proof that you deserve to be here.

You are the child of the Universe.
And nothing is made by mistake.
Everything that you are, is by design.

You are the only version of yourself in this time and space, and the sooner you embrace and love your authentic self, the sooner you’ll see real magic happen in your life.

I know you like that – magic

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There will be moments in your journey where you will feel confused, lost, scared, afraid, unsafe, sad and even depressed.

But there are equally amazing moments where you will feel really happy, content, free, excited, blissful and calm.

Yes, yes, like that feeling you get in your dreams when you’re flying.

Keep your curiosity alive.

Keep your creativity alive.

Keep that sunshine in your heart.

But also, I want you to know that being sad is okay.

And that crying is okay, too.

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That these are gifts, wrapped in an unusual way, to give you lessons that are truly priceless.

You will learn to trust, and that trust will be broken. Many times over…

Don’t let this stop you from trusting again.

Goodness in this world exists, just as much as (if not more than) the evil that you see.

I also really wanted to tell you…

To never give up, on yourself.

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You will want to try A LOT of things. And in your growth, you will make tons of friends, and keep some.

That’s okay, other people are also on their own journey, and it is beautiful to witness.

You don’t have to save or please everyone.It is okay not to be liked.
It is okay to be rejected.

Rejection is another gift – it is redirection to where you are meant to be. It can even be a shortcut.

Life can be really tricky sometimes… The lessons in life come after the experience, yes, life is interesting and funny like that.

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And no, you wouldn’t enjoy it as much when all you KNOW everything.

Because you are here FOR the journey, and not the destination.

So always be present – in every moment you are in.

That is where your wisdom lies.

I’m going to go now.

But if there is only ONE thing you could take away from this letter… it is this:

Loving yourself is the most important thing you can ever possibly do.

Because it is when you love yourself that you step into your power, and become so much more.

It is when you love yourself that you unleash the best possible life experiences.

It is when you love yourself that you are able to show up for others in the best version of you.

It is when you love yourself that you fulfill the ultimate purpose of being alive.


x your current self, Sarah

*photos credit to the owners


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