Hi, I'm Sarah

I'm here to  help you access and manifest the next level of success and happiness that you deserve!

Disclaimer: I don’t give you the answers you seek, I teach you how to find them 😉

hey hi hello!

I am a girl of many dreams; I want to do everything, travel everywhere, take all the chances, and follow all my dreams! My heart screams for high vibrations, positivity, love, compassion, authenticity and continued growth. 

Growing up, I have always had an old soul and have always felt a strong connection to the moon, nature, and animals. Being an artist and a creator was in my blood and was the ‘weird artist’ in the group. I also am what others call an Empath- someone who can easily feel what others feel and for the longest time, I shied away from this as it used to be a confusing experience to be easily affected by what other people are feeling! 

Only when I intentionally started diving into conscious personal development and spiritual path have I realised that all my challenges were gifts. I am now connected to my true self. In other words: I feel free in my mind, connected to my spirit, empowered in  my heart, aligned in my purpose and present in my body. I decide with my whole being and that's what got me where I am right now. I allowed myself to follow the life I wanted - to be able to empower people and become the best that they can be.

I had the pleasure to feel what true happiness is. The real one, the one that comes from inside. The pure joy that words can't describe…

That's my purpose in showing up for you. I believe everyone deserves to live a life full of peace, freedom, mindfulness, and growth!

Society fools us with so many limiting beliefs: "Life is hard! Nothing comes easy! No pain. No gain." WHY? Life can be easy! Happiness is definitely attainable! Dreams do come true!

I am going to lead by being an example! I will show that happiness and dreams are possible, and I will help everyone that wants to do the same!

Just like when I was searching for something bigger than what I knew, many others are. I am now able to guide others in the search for their answers and let me tell you; they are all inside you!

With love and kindness,

Sarah Suyom

What I do:

  • I assist achievers in getting out of their own way and having a shortcut towards feeling more empowered, confident, and content in their day-to-day living regardless of their current situation.
  • If you are an achiever, a leader, a change-maker, a business owner, a creative, or just someone who knows they are meant for something so much more… and you are dissatisfied with where you are right now...
  • And most of all - if you believe that there is something more to life than just "being a victim" of your circumstances...

It would be my pleasure to help you get on the right path!

Together, we will learn simple, useful tips and techniques that will boost your happiness and self-love that will lead you to a greater personal success.

You can do it, and I'm so glad you're here!

Here, you will find all the love and expertise you’ll need to elevate and transform your tired mind and your battered body back to the beautiful, energetic, balanced soul you once were.

From innovative self-love habits that are easily added to your daily routine, to Energy & Intuitive Healing Work, it’s all right here for you. Everything I do is designed to help you experience the fullness of what life has to offer, feel more confident, become more in tune with your body’s wisdom and experience more ease in your every day. Not to mention – make you laugh, smile, and love life even more!

My programs are unique as they are founded in a combination of expanding consciousness, self-love philosophy, modern scientific discoveries in neuroplasticity, psychology, and wisdom from some of the oldest teachings of energy work. I use a holistic, no-bullshit system that brings about sustainable and exponential result

Working with me creates powerful permanent changes that allow individuals to transform their beliefs, fine-tune their intuition, know how to be in alignment, and live a more fulfilled, purposeful life - using tools from NLP, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Energy Work and Intuitive Healing work.

If you say "YES" to any of the following, then

I could be what helps you finally break through and achieve the success and freedom you desire deserve 🙌

Note: Whether you work with me or take your own personal development initiatives, healthy self-love is a must!


What my clients say

Sarah was my entry point into the Spiral. She got through my tough ‘crab shell’ exterior and hugged and nourished my inner child in our first 9 week journey which was manifestation clears and The Spiral. It was the start of the pandemic and as my inner world was collapsing my outer world did too. What has emerged from that cocoon is a new business, new friends, a new feeling of purpose and contribution. 

And then in our abundance and expansion she held my hands during my own Spiral Prac training (a journey she inspired and encouraged me to take) and got me to experience this new level of awareness and embodiment. Her depth of knowledge of this work and her ability to hold space for me as I was shifting enabled me to ‘come out’ of my shell and truly feel all the feels. And then as if it couldn’t get any better I journeyed with Sarah recently through the Quantum Clearing process which is a skill Advanced Practitioners are taught. That’s put a rocket under me and completely leaped me into a new level of relating. I’m still processing the shifts and movements and can feel the deep integration happening gradually. 

This work changes lives. It did with me and I am so grateful to my sister Sarah for taking me through this incredible journey with her.

Priyanka Rao

SARAAAAAH! this is of joy and gratitude. It has been a week of growing with you and the community you made. Who would’ve thought that my 25 years of struggle will only be redirected and tracked within just a short span of 5 days. I was able to confront and somehow most (if not all) of my doubts and confusion. Back then I know I’m struggling with something, I’m aware that inside me there’s something that I have to give attention to. I am also aware that this has started when I was young and it had been a part of me. However, even to that level of awareness, I don’t know how to do with it, I may have the knowledge perse but I don’t know exactly how to exactly apply it. Not until I’ve met you and your good soul. I crave for growth and been craving for it my whole life. But only then I realized that it doesn’t stop in craving or wanting to grow, it has to be confronted, given attention and dedication and consistency to work the magic. Within 5 days in the group,  a lot of time I paused and think for a loooot of BIG AHA. A lot of awakening and awareness. Though there are still times that I am afraid that maybe one day I’ll forget this drive I have at my current pace but I am trusting the process and will be giving a lot of energy, time and attention to continue this as a life long learning. The unlearning and learning beliefs helped me a lot as well as the valuing my values and beliefs while valuing others too. I couldn’t be more grateful for you and the magic you do for everyone. Love you, Sarah and thank you so much!

Sarah Pamanian

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