July 14, 2020

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What one good thing have you personally seen or experienced from this pandemic?

Honestly,  despite these challenging times, I am extremely happy and living my dream life. I am in this phase of witnessing others in this beautiful thriving light as well. There is so much goodness that is happening around. As a whole, humanity has become so much more responsive (not reactive) with results and solutions. 

 80% of people on my feed are: 

  • becoming better entrepreneurs, adapting with the change, learning to be smarter with their money, paying more attention to their Health and well-being, appreciating social time and connection and interaction.
  • People are showing more kindness. More light-workers out and about and step up to become the leaders and change-makers that they are. 

Of course, I am not blind and I understand that not everyone is experiencing what I am experiencing. Your feelings are valid and this is not to disrespect or invalidate anyone’s experiences, but I want to let you know that YOU CAN make a decision to change and move out from the pain and suffering that you might be experiencing now. 

Let me remind you that YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS and no matter what situation you are in now, remember that there are things that YOU ALWAYS HAVE CONTROL OVER and this is what I call “The Sphere of Influence” 


The Sphere of Influence are the things that you have control over such as:  

1. Environment 

  • by virtue of how you decorate your space, where you choose to sit, stand, sleep, eat, work, etc. And what you allow to be in this space. 🌴💐 

2. How to interpret the external situations 

  • events and how you make it relevant (or not relevant) to you. 🙈🙉🙊 

3. Your thoughts and beliefs 

  •   The stories that you create from the interpretations you make. 🧠 ⁣  

4. Your feelings 

  •  Heavily influenced by your thoughts, and partly by your nutrition and overall health. 💓  

5. The actions you take and the words you say 

  •  THIS IS THE BIGGEST OF ALL because this has the ability to loop back to the first pillar on your sphere of influence. ⁣

I personally chose to live and put my energy and attention to my sphere of influence. Instead of complaining about the things that I cannot control over. 

These are the following situations wherein I was able to take control with my


1. Being intentionally selective with the people I choose or keep connected with 

  • It was hard to “find my tribe”, so I decided to create one where everyone was grateful and kept being that way. 



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2. Dedication with my TIME and ENERGY

  • By discovering and unpacking old mental patterns, limiting beliefs and unconscious sabotage thinking.

3. Consistent Inspection, evaluation and working on my own THOUGHTS and BELIEFS. 

  • I pay attention to how these thoughts influence my motivation and my behaviour

4. Setting my intentions feeling, healing and releasing old traumas and pains

  • I had forgiven so many people along the way and most importantly forgiven and loved myself.

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5. Hungry for continued learning and Growth

  • The world (and life) to me is a whole big learning opportunity. Full of wonderful lessons. Focusing on these lessons helped me get through some of my most difficult days! ⁣

6. Continuously worked on my mindset, emotions, energy and spirituality

  • Despite what’s going on, I realized that the more I did this, the easier the external world seemed to me.

7. Fully Surrender 

  • I allowed myself to fully surrender and trust in myself, and the higher power and in the world and even trust the nature of other human beings! ❤️⁣

8. Consulting with myself and review my day

  • I do this every night and make sure that I set an intention to be a better person the next day. 

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 Remember that WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE, BUT NOT EVERYONE USES THEIR POWER TO CHOOSE. Because generally, most people find it easier to complain and blame others. Some find it easier to delegate the reason for their unhappiness 😔⁣  

As for me… I chose to attribute my current joyful, peaceful state to the continued execution of My Power of Choice. ❤️⁣

With this, there’s good news and bad news for that.

Bad News? Most likely no one is going to rescue you. ⁣

Good News? you don’t need anyone to rescue you – you are your own biggest super hero. ⁣


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Everything is a choice. If you’re not happy at where you are right now, You can ALWAYS stop waiting and start making changes in your life — such as those under your sphere of Influence!

As for me, my biggest one is surrendering to my purpose and the courage to follow that path of this purpose.

How about you? What is the GIFT that you are unwrapping from your situation right now? 🎁


x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners


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