September 2, 2020

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Do you think of….
Your dog?
Your SO (hopefully )?
Most of you might say…Mothers?
Well i want to talk about the less known example… which is so obvious that it’s ignored.
Probably THE BEST, hard-fast unwavering proof of unconditional Love: YOUR BODY.

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Do you know how much work it needs to keep you – A SINGLE HUMAN ORGANISM alive?

Do you know how much processing a single cell goes through to perform a single function, in whichever tissue and organ it is part of?

On average, there’s 37.2 Trillion, yes. TRILLION- that’s 37,200,000,000,000,000. As of writing, there’s about 7,784,317,450 people according to the world population clock.

If my math is right, that’s 47,788% times more than just the countable living cell in the body.

Yet you silly fart, you operate so effortlessly, so harmoniously, don’t you? okay, maybe not all the time.

Okay, we are getting sidetracked…laughing

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Let me get back to my point.

Do you care for your body the same way it cares for you, looking after your best interest?
Does it ever complain to you? Have you ever had a piece of you break itself apart and say, “fuck this, You’re crazy, I’m done.”

Yes you eat, I know, you feed your body and “nourish” it… but when you do – do you do it out of love? or out of “pleasure” in the moment?

How would you know, you ask?

Simple. Love is eating what is best for the body – that means choosing the greens over the high-sugar processed junk.

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“But I am practicing self-love! By rewarding myself with food I enjoy – I deserve it”.

Yes, yes, indulge yourself once in a while.. That’s perfectly fine…

But how often do you take the BEST decisions for your body?

DO YOU pause and reflect – whose needs am I fulfilling today? my body’s? my inner child? the best version of myself?

And what would the best version of yourself do?

oopps wait.. Who even is the best version of you? Is it a past you? Someone slimmer, fitter, had more money? Or is it someone you’re striving and aspiring to be?


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More proof of why is the body the best evidence of unconditional love:

Your heart is beating non-stop, without you even trying, isn’t it?
86k = 150k beats per day…

Have you ever thanked your heart for beating? Despite all the silly things you’ve done for the day?

Have you heard your heart complain?
Maybe, yes, from time to time, to lead me to the right path, or to remind me to rest and to love myself more by resting, see it complains for you, not itself…

If your heart can only leave you because of the many times you’ve allowed it to “get broken”… okay sorry, getting side-tracked again. wink Let’s stick to your actual physical heart and body.

Is this somehow making sense?

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Okay how about your skin?

Do you even realise that without your skin, you look ugly and scary AF?

I mean, do you even realise that your skin is your first line of defense! against anything. Yes, that’s why you can sanitise your hands and potentially “ward off” even this coronavirus.

I can go about explaining further the magical process that is in BREATHING…

But hopefully I’ve proven a point…



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Just being super clear, all the examples are also good sources of unconditional love…


And to all the mothers out there … okay, maybe some…

You ALSO exhibit unconditional love, and you guys are amazing humans! There’s no intention to disrespect that. kiss


Love and light.

 x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners


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