You say, “I stand against bullying.” And in your next sentence, you bully the kid. If you preach something, make sure you walk your talk.  You can’t solve a problem if you are part

That's what I look like 99% of the time vs what I look like when I bump into my ex. Okay before anything else, funny story. Couple of years ago, I had one of my worst

The ocean called me. In the voice of quiet inspiration.I answered.And walked towards the beach alone.Not thinking much.I thought I’d test my “will” to act upon my desire.I thought I’d just sit there, witness nature

Earthquakes. Fires. Volcanic eruptions.No, I don’t think the world is ending.Our planet earth is alive. She evolves, adapts and grows.If earthquakes didn’t happen, our continents would look very different. There will be fewer coast

My hair has always been symbolic in its form and change.When I have decided to cut my hair, my download was to “let go” of what’s unnecessary.To keep the bare minimum and to focus

In case no one has ever told you before...It's okay to not be okay.I'm not going to try to make you feel better.In fact you should feel that sadness, that hurt, or that fear.There's

It's not narcissism, it's not selfishness, it's not blind self-centredness.It's understanding that you are complete, perfect and whole, just as you are. It's seeing how wonderfully amazing you are.It's celebrating your authenticity.It's appreciating your

I was never insecure with my height. I'm 5'3' pero 5'2' if kulang ng stretching! haha.By Philippines standards, that's average or even a tiny bit above.But when I saw the world, and met people

I hate lying and I hate liars.But lying is a learned habit.You know who doesn't know how to lie?Kids.In fact, kids can be brutally honest and most of the time have comments that a

If you're thinking why you've never heard of the term "second-best-syndrome" before, it's because I made the term up.But pay attention, because it is a real thing and you might be suffering from it,