November 5, 2020

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Challenge yourself today to BE EMPTY. In Buddhism Happiness is emptiness
Happiness is not a state you find by seeking, but a state you go back to once you stop seeking and once you let go of all attachments and all desires to “have” and “do”.

The only state true, peaceful lasting happiness and bliss can be achieved is in the state of “being”.

It is the absence of all thoughts, it is the absence of all labels.
It is the absence of your own ego, your own story.
It is being empty.

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It is when you detach YOU from your own self, that you realize and feel that you are perfect, complete and whole.

Respect each moment that you are in because your very existence is enough proof that you are meant to exist and that you are as valuable and as necessary in this universe as everyone else, and as everything else.

It is when you realize that you HAVE TO STOP looking and go back to what’s within, in the present moment, you are perfect and you don’t need anything.

Every time you attach happiness to anything external, whether it’s an object, experience, or relationship, you remove your own power and put it in something temporary.

So in the world where the only constant thing is change, you must depend only on one permanent thing, and that is your consciousness. 

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The only thing that you have access to anytime, anywhere. That is your higher-self.

I can not emphasize how important presence is.
It is the only path to lasting bliss.

Being present in the moment in whatever you are doing, wherever you are standing and whatever you are feeling, and not attaching any thought, label, expectation.

Not bothered about the past and not worrying about the future.

That is when you experience bliss – being lost in the moment – that is pure bliss.

Give yourself the gift of presence today.

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x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners


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