August 21, 2020

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Dear past self,

You deserve so much more respect than what you have demanded of yourself and of others.

I am sorry. Please forgive me.
Thank you. I love you.

I am sorry for all the times I have let you down.
When I promised you something and didn’t do it.
When I knew you wanted to try something and we didn’t do it.
When you asked for my commitment and I didn’t give it.

When I doubted you and questioned you.
When I put you second, third and even fourth priority.
When I didn’t hesitate saving everyone else, but didn’t even bother putting your name on the list.

When I thought it was OKAY to sacrifice us, so that others may live.
When I let you down by trusting the wrong people.
When I thought it was okay to compromise on our values and our health and on our priorities- just to make other people happy.

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I’m sorry that I thought we needed other people’s validation and approval on the choices we had to make.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for letting other people’s opinion matter more than yours.
I’m sorry for putting other people on a pedestal that was built on your shoulder.
I’m sorry for ever comparing you to somebody else.
I’m sorry for ever doubting how much brilliance you have and how much gift you have to share to the world.

Please forgive me.


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Thank you, for your resilience.
Thank you for always standing back up.
Thank you for always seeing the good in people and in the circumstances.
Thank you for not losing hope, although there were definitely times when I knew you almost thought you couldn’t make it.

Thank you for always trying to be better.
Thank you for always surprising me with how fuckin amazing you are.
Thank you for bringing smiles and inspiration to the people you are with.
Thank you for being dedicated to your growth.

Thank you for choosing yourself, now.
Thank you for believing in yourself.
Thank you for always moving forward.
Thank you for your patience and tolerance and foresight in understanding and growing from the lessons that life is throwing at us.

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Thank you for always, always being excited with the future.

Thank you for being a mirror to others.

Thank you for sharing your gift.

Thank you for overcoming your fears in shining.

Thank you for stepping into your power and allowing yourself to be the magic that you truly are.

Thank you for the love that you relentlessly give, every single day.

Thank you for being here and for taking your rightful place.

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I love you.
I love you so fucking much.
I don’t need a reason to love you, because you yourself are love.

Be free.


x your current self,



Do you talk to yourself? I do, all the time. Connect with yourself, your past, present and future self. smile

*photos credit to the owners


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