September 3, 2020

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Don’t be the moth that flew too close to the fire.

Almost two years ago, I was in this exact position.

I was too focused on my career and nothing else seemed to matter more.

If I choose to, I can accept bookings as early as 3 am and stop working at midnight. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. With no days off.

I was a workaholic and I had no limits, and

I was naive enough to think that I was unbreakable.

It’s easy to use passion as an excuse to perpetuate this unhealthy work style I was unknowingly burying myself into.

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I was working hard but not working smart, blinded by my goals.

I was getting all sorts of “signs” from my body that I needed to slow down, take care of my body and rest more.

Back and wrist pain from fatigue.
A big ass stye that came out of nowhere affected my vision.

A random cyst that has to be operated on my foot stopped me from driving (for a bit).

You see, when you don’t know how to say no, your body and your circumstances will do it for you.

But I was stubborn and I didn’t listen.

So finally I went too fast and rolled over the car I was driving.

Alas, the perfect metaphor.

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The universe didn’t want me dead, it just needed me to pause and reflect on the way I was living my life.
And I thought, if I had died in that moment, have I fully lived my life and see myself in a way I am proud of?
The answer was no.
Something has drastically got to change.

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My friend, don’t let your ambitions blind you, burn you out and “kill you”, like it almost did me.

Don’t be like these moths.

A lot of people start “working hard” and in the process lose sight of what’s really valuable in their lives- their relationships, their health.

Worse case, they start losing their purpose and fall into the trap of the rat race (or the bigger rat race after that).

While it is amazing to be driven, have a goal, find a purpose in your career and make tons of money while you’re at it, too much of anything can be toxic.

Always pause, strive for balance and fuel other aspects in your life.

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Fast forward to today, that Sarah is long gone. She indeed has died in that moment.

The Sarah that climbed out of that crashed upside down car was a new one.

This one is still on a mission. But this one, I can actually be proud of.

x Sarah S. 

*photos credit to the owners

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