November 19, 2020

It’s not narcissism, it’s not selfishness, it’s not blind self-centredness.
It’s understanding that you are complete, perfect and whole, just as you are.
It’s seeing how wonderfully amazing you are.
It’s celebrating your authenticity.

It’s appreciating your journey.
It’s ridding yourself of all self defeating beliefs.
It’s understanding that everything you ever need is inside you.
It’s seeing yourself for what you are – a manifestation of pure love.

No, you are not born out of sin
not by random coincidence
not by mistake.

When you love yourself enough, you understand that you’re not here to live by other people’s standards.
You were not born to please others.
Or to serve a purpose other than that of yours.

You’re born as an expression of the wonderful infinite intelligent consciousness.

To grow, to experience, to love

When you get there, rejection no longer scares you.

You become so much bolder in the way you live your life, and you serve yourself and the world sooo much better.



Love and light.

x Sarah S.

 *photo credits to the owner

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