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Branding Master is Wealth: Flip The Money Switch

Excerpt from the Prosperity Healing Project

By Sarah Suyom


Day 2: MONEY TRUTHS – Beyond Cash


WELCOME, and welcome to Day 2!

Sharing tids and bits of Money truths to you, as A BIG part of improving your relationship with money, is understanding its true nature first. The fastest way to change your experience of reality is to not change what you’re looking at but change how you see it. 😉

So here are some more Money Truths reminders:


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1. Intergenerational Money-Trauma exist

Money related traumas can be inherited/passed on just like other things that you would blame on your genes. Like increased chances of heart disease, diabetes or other disorders, and even like the color of your hair, eyes, etc. Your DNA can be altered by emotional trauma and prolonged stress, and that applies with money-related emotional traumas too.

Both nature and nurture influences how from one generation to another money problems and beliefs are carried over and propagated.

Good news: even though you are predisposed to these things by your genes and upbringing,


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2. Money is energy, and it is everywhere.

If money is energy,

and everything around you is also energy…

that means, you are surrounded by MONEY.

But if everything is energy that means that you actually have met money everywhere.

That means that you can actually feel abundant anytime, anywhere like if you realize that nothing on this earth was created for free, it’s from energy and money.

You would feel instantly abundant wherever you are, and with whatever you’re wearing and whatever things and possessions that you have.

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Let’s use a “pillow” as an example.

This pillow began as an idea, a thought- an electric impulse (mental energy) that was then transformed into a design, maybe a drawing and selection of color (physical
energy was used).

And someone purchased it as a bulk (in this case, IKEA), using money to buy it, using money to pay for the employees who crafted the item… finding its way to you – who used money (cash or digital money) to buy it.

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If you realize that this is not just some random object that appeared out of nowhere, and you start seeing this pillow as one of the many ways of manifestation of money, and how money is so closely intertwined in your day to day….

You will see how ABUNDANT you really are.

Everything around your house – the computer/phone you’re holding to watch this video, the electricity and wifie you’re using, none of that was produced without money being involved one way or another.

Do you see it now?

I want you to pause reading and go to the bottom of this file, and find the instructions on how to maximize your ABUNDANCE in the NOW…

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If you have not yet had an AHA of:

“Oh my, I’m actually quite abundant right now. I’m actually already quite rich.”

Keep Counting, keep tallying.. Include the house your living, the value of the land your standing on, every meal you’ve ever had in your life…..

Even more mind-fuck thought to ponder, is that YOU and I are also energy.

You and I are a lump of energy, right? This entity that you are seeing, this voice that you are hearing is coming from a lump of energy that’s been combined together, vibrating on a certain frequency trying to operate as a single organism.

That means that you and money are basically made up of the same thing! That there is no separation between you and MONEY- so how can you ever be WITHOUT money?

It is literally impossible.

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 3. Money is an/a effect/result.

Money is not THE end goal. It is an effect of doing something else.

This is the idea of equal value exchange.

If money is a result of “hard work” and time, energy and effort, that should should already make 90% of the population, extremely rich and wealthy, but that’s not the case.

It’s actually in the perceived value of what you are giving and the contribution that it is doing to the world.

Hard work can keep you busy for a long time, and can give you a certain level of wealth, but hard work alone is not enough to give you wealth – it is in consistent aligned smart work that you can find the monetary wealth that everyone desires.

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The Importance of “Being your Rich Person Identity” and Hacking Your Body

Simply put, if you can embody the #RICHYOU in everything you do, the DOING becomes easy. Your actions will be aligned, the people you will attract to you will be a great match.

The secret is to NOT base your #BEINGRICHYOU in anything external, like the money you have or don’t have; the sale you closed or didn’t close;

Do not require any external conditions for this being to come out and manifest his/her attitude, energy and mindset in yourself!

As you may have noticed.. Most of the #RICHYOU energy radiates so much love, confidence, compassion, joy, contentment, fulfillment, purpose and giving.

And you will notice that the more you call in and embody this identity, the easier It is to feel that you are abundant. TO FEEL ENOUGH.

It works like magic. It’s just the law of attraction and also your subconscious mind making sure that your reality matches your identity and your beliefs.

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Your subconscious mind will do everything it takes to make it happen, to make it real.

That means…

  • Your planning and decisions will be different.
  • Your attitude and how you show up and “do” tasks/ projects/ business will be different.
  • Your money spending will be different, wiser, better.
  • Your money-anxiety will drop.

When you relive a trauma your body doesn’t know that it’s not happening- so you’re literally living in the past. We can use this to our advantage.

Everytime we call in #THERICHYOU your body doesn’t know whether or not the Millions of cash are already in your bank account. It will believe what you EMBODY

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Similarly, this is how the placebo effect works- your body thinks you have been given medicine, so it MAKES IT HAPPEN and heals itself.

Consider the #RICHYOU as your golden, magical pill. Everytime you bring the queen, princess, empress, donya, seniorita, etc. in you, it’s an instant transformation, and sooner or later, you will make the (external) life that you want and deserve manifest.

From within, to without. Instead of waiting for the external things to be “had” first.


It is imperative that we love THE RICH BEING in us.

Because in the same way, if there are things that you don’t like about the rich people, the wealthy people, that means there are things that you are resisting.

There are things that are being triggered within you- wounds and pains inside you that need healing. Because if it doesn’t you will continue to avoid, run away or sabotage your way of becoming this person.

So you should LOVE every bit of you. YOUR LIGHT AND DARK.

Every part of you that you (or your rich friend) that you would have frowned upon onin the past.


What if I don’t like my Future Rich Self?

That’s actually part of our clearing healing session, because you have to end up loving all parts of your rich persona, because if you have any resistance, if you have
any part of your Future Rich Self that you’re not accepting, you’re not loving, you’re not liking, that introduces resistance.

And that blocks that person from becoming you, or worse case, it becomes part of your shadow.

And we all know anything that’s part of your shadow becomes part of your subconscious mind and it plays out in different parts. So self-sabotage and other things will get in the way of you, becoming the Rich Person that you really are and this will be a point of focus in our healing efforts.

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How to use social media as a gratitude weapon instead of a trigger for stress, anxiety or depression:


People end up feeing anxious or depressed because they compare their lives to one sided (mostly only positive) posts of other people in social media. This pushes the mind to create a HUGE GAP of what your “normal boring day” is compared to people who always seem to be celebrating something in their posts.

Here’s a challenge:

1. Know and understand that there’s a lot more going on that’s not in social

2. People in social media are mostly celebrating and want good memories

3. In that sense, are you able to celebrate with them?

4. Can you truly find happiness, gratitude and compersion in your heart to be
glad and celebrate with these people?

TIP: if you can’t be happy for your friend’s happiness, maybe they shouldn’t be in your
friendlist anyway? Isn’t it effortless to feel happy for our bestfriends’ successes?

Or are you secretly resenting their wins and success?

Inspect your feelings around this and allow this to be a reflection of what it is that
you do not accept about your own wins and successes?

Coming from a place of LOVE is the secret to having a Healthy Mindset of Money.

The idea of money mindset in a nutshell is coming from a place of abundance
instead of a place of lack.

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Classic Guide“Am I coming from a place of love or am I coming from a place of fear?”

So, if you’re feeling anything that you can’t quite grasp, but you know that something is OFF. That should be a warning sign. Our emotions are our internal compass.

Ask yourself,  “What is the fear in here? Is there a fear of lack, is there a fear of not having enough (or whatever fear there is)?”

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