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Branding Master is Wealth: Flip The Money Switch

Excerpt from the Prosperity Healing Project

By Sarah Suyom


Day 3: Money Blocks

Abundance blocks or money-related limiting beliefs, as you already know, (because most of you have worked with me one way or another and have seen several of my clearing sessions) that these are subconscious barriers for you to experience, receive, make more and grow your money. And these are actually not originally yours. Most of the time, they are not just inherited, but they are also reinforced by society, by media, by dogmas, whatever upbringing you might have one way or another. 


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It has influenced how you see money, how you see the world, how you form your beliefs around scarcity and abundance.

We’re going to be really specific on all of our money monsters, all of our blocks in our abundance, prosperity, wealth and richness.

It’s important that you become aware of all your blocks, because if you’re not, then it’s going to remain as a subconscious limiting belief.

And it’s easier to deal with a conscious limiting belief than a subconscious limiting belief. 

Because you don’t even know that you have a problem compared to a limiting belief that you’re already aware of, at least awareness at the first step is already there.

Then you can start working through it in doing clear surroundings.


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There are several ways for us to do this:

1. Beliefs Map Method

It’s a word association technique. You just think of a word like “money” or “rich people” or “wealth” or whatever word that you want to try. And discover your beliefs systems around it, whatever word that is, whatever anchor word you want to do. For example, “money”, you just write everything that is associated with that word.

Think of the things that come in your head, when you say money. For example, hard work, taxes, accounting, etc.
I already did this with a couple of few guys in group and individual sessions. Do that again because the truth is money is such a big topic and you probably have more than hundreds of anchors around money itself.

It’s something that has or gives a big heavy tension to people because it’s such a big part of our society or for a day to day living. You can’t really cannot live without money.

Do that and find the heavy trigger words and discover with that belief map, what are the traumatic events in your life, significant situations in your life or circumstances that contribute to the resistance around money that gives you the bad feeling about money.

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2. List Down You Don’t Like About Rich People

If you want to skip the Beliefs Mapping method, another option is to just simply go back to the questions we did in our last assignment: What are the things that I don’t like about the rich version of me? If you don’t want to use yourself, you can use a different person. Like, “What are the things I don’t like about my neighbor who was rich?”

Or maybe a celebrity who you know was famous and rich. List down all the things or judgment or perception that you have about these people.

Honestly, those are just judgments. There’s a possibility that your judgment may not be true. You’re influencing, contributing and introducing bias when you judge other people. So use that as a reflection point for you.

Write down everything that you don’t like about it, and those are all part of your limiting beliefs and resistance about money, or wealth, or getting rich.


3. Use Guide Questions
Ask yourself:
  • What do I like about money and what do I not like about money?
  • What I like about being rich and what do I not like about being rich?
  • What do I like about earning money and what do I not like about earning money?

These guide questions will really help you identify your resistance, the conflicting and competing values and beliefs that are causing internal wars in you regarding money, making money, getting rich and all that.

If you’re lazy and you want to skip all the methods mentioned above, that’s fine, but I recommend you don’t because I want your clears to be personalized and not just packaged.

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Below is a list of the Most Common Abundance or Money Blocks:

1. Success is only achieved with hard work.

2. Money is the root of all evil.

3. The world is not safe or there is not enough money to go about or to go around in the world.

4. My job is the only source of income or being an employee is the only way I can earn money.

5. Feelings of abandonment or fear of abandonment.

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6. Belief that you don’t need money.

It’s funny and ridiculous when people think or try to express that they don’t need money. How can you live in a society without money?

Whether we like it or not, we actually do need money to participate in this society that we are in. And we should not hate that.

The only reason people hate it is because they hate money or whatever they hate about earning money. Maybe they think that rich people are corrupt or whatever.

You’re not supposed to be hating the fact that you need money. It’s okay to need money. Just like you need water to survive.


You need food to survive. Water helps you be healthy and detoxify food gives you nutrition. Money allows you to participate in this society. Money is neutral.

7. Rich people are bad.

8. Money will make you lovable or valuable.

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Why is this a block or why is it going to introduce a resistance in getting rich or getting wealthy. It sounds like a good thing, right?

It’s because when you think that money will make you more lovable, then that means you think that without money, you are not lovable or you’re not valuable, which is not true.

So, if it’s going to come from that place of lack, then obviously there is going to be resistance around it. And most importantly, if you’re not rich yet you’re going to resent not being rich. Rich is not going to help your case.


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9. Money can’t be made quickly.

That is a belief that will possibly limit you receiving easy money. Easy money is not bad. We have a connotation that if you didn’t suffer and sacrifice a lot or really worked hard for your money, that it’s bad money, or you didn’t earn it. I know some of my clients I’m working with personally right now have dealt with that idea. So, what do they do?

They create circumstances to make their lives stressful because they don’t feel like they deserve the money they just earned because it was too easy. Don’t be that person.

So those are the most common abundance or money blocks. I still encourage you to really do a personal introspection. All of you have already mentioned in your intentions the things or beliefs that you want to let go or clear in this process so that you can experience more wealth and abundance in your life.

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