May 30, 2020

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Filipinos have so much generational trauma passed on from the years of invasion, repression, abuse and control.

Do you think you are truly free?

When you choose a degree to study to please your parents instead of following your dream?

When you don’t talk about romance, your sex life or other parts of your relationship, because you’re afraid of being slut-shamed?

When you are tied down to be supporting your WHOLE family and not saving up money for yourself because it is “obligation” to do so?

When you do this out of guilt and shame and not out of true care and love?

When you choose to shut up and tolerate an abusive relationship because that is what “a good wife/daughter/friend” should be?

When you don’t aspire to be rich AF because deep down you have a belief version of “money being the root of all evil”?

I am so sick and tired of seeing the same patterns and conditionings of victimhood play out in my life, and I’ve stepped out of it.

I am starting a movement.

I am hell bent on awakening your soul, your power, your purpose.

It’s time for you to do so too.

It is your obligation to heal yourself. Because when you heal you, you heal the people around you, AND you stop the cycle of trauma being handed down to your future family.

I am creating warriors for awakening our people, our country, and I’m starting with YOU.

If you’re ready to work on yourself and stop being a victim and truly love your life the way you want to, I have a few slots left for my first batch of warriors, reach out to me.


x Sarah S


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