August 6, 2020

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Imagine this:⁣

If you are  rowing a small boat in the ocean.

No matter how persistent and hardworking you are, if your boat starts harbouring trash, driftwood and other dead weight along the way, you will move slower and slower and eventually get stuck.

Most of these things you can’t even see as you are on your boat, and the accumulation happens underneath the water surface.

And the bigger the trash you accumulate, the heavier it becomes and the deeper it is in the ocean.

Soon without knowing you’ll be dragging boulders and sunken shipwrecks  with you.

And even when it feels like you’re moving, you’re actually anchored into these deep baggage and you’re just moving around in circles, instead of forward in life.

In life, this harbouring can be compared to accumulating attachments to beliefs, emotions, the past, wounds/traumas, etc. As we move through life.⁣

They become part of your unconscious patterns that keep you limited or ‘stuck’

Are you aware of these patterns in your life?⁣

  • Are you someone who’ve had not one, not two but maybe all of your partners ‘cheating on you’?⁣
  • Or have multiple people betraying your trust?⁣
  • Or maybe your businesses always have a good start but end up crashing somewhere down the road? ⁣
Unless you let go of what’s anchored in your life boat… you will keep on attracting these situations and people as teachers and find yourself in these cycles.

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To go through a holistic HEALING PROCESS, you have to be willing to …

  • learn the lessons your soul wanted for your growth⁣

  • release attachments and unlearn false belief about the world

  • let go and unlearn all of your false identities⁣

  • unlearn the programmed responses you’ve gained from emotional trauma

  • unlearn your own limitations

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I’ve said this many times, and I’ll say it again. ⁣

When you do work on yourself, it’s not because you’re broken. ⁣Your very core is unbreakable.

Your natural state is that of joy and high vibration and nothing, no incident, no situation can ever lower down your worth as a person.

However, you can get “stuck” when you hoard attachment (or different forms of baggage) in your life. ⁣

So, what can you start unlearning today, to be free Again?⁣

x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners

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