September 1, 2020

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I do a lot of things that can help you go from A to B, but today I want to talk about one of my favorite modalities, The Spiral. ⠀

What is the Spiral? ⠀

In essence, it is an 8-week transformational journey that helps you break free from the traps of your own limiting beliefs and emotional baggage. These may be pre-programmed fears, traumas, or unintegrated concepts you’ve taken on during your formative years (0-7 or sometimes up to 13 y.o.)⠀

By doing so….⠀

You become more in touch with your intuition and understand your body’s wisdom more. ⠀
You experience a new level of self-love, confidence and self-security. ⠀
You stop doubting your decisions and yourself.⠀
You start operating from an empowered state and take better control of the direction of your life.⠀
You will have unwavering self-worth and esteem coming from within. ⠀
You have a significant increase in your self-awareness and have access to a higher level of consciousness more consistently. ⠀

And so…. You finish projects you have been stalling on. ⠀

You step up in leadership roles and feel ready to share your hidden gifts, skills and knowledge. ⠀
You become clear on your passion, goals, dreams and purpose and actually start pursuing them.⠀
You will no longer feel controlled by a “need” to please other people and you build better healthier boundaries.

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Your relationships start becoming better (as it all starts with your relationship with yourself). ⠀

You find more courage in being bold and in expressing your truth to those around you.

You experience a new level of freedom as we clear some of the biggest emotional traumas and triggers from your past….⠀

and you become aligned with the present moment; better equipped with making decisions; experience better clarity and perspective.

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The powerful mental and emotional upgrades you get with the Spiral coupled with coaching and tailored support from me gives you a rapid transformation from within that ultimately translates into more success and happiness in all other areas of your life. ⠀

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to quantify what the spiral can do for you..⠀

– for some it’s finishing big, big projects and welcoming fresh new opportunities; ⠀
– for some it’s growing their business and tripling their income, ⠀
– for some it’s better, happier relationships,⠀
– for some it’s losing weight and better health….⠀

That is what the spiral is…. AND MORE.

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For me, it’s falling in love with myself and my life again and having and living my “dream life”. ⠀

PLUS the joy of becoming part of something waaayy bigger than me…⠀

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It’s all of the above mentioned benefits – I AM ALSO A PRODUCT of this work. It’s like having a dose of your own medicine. ⠀

I got clear with my purpose and aligned myself internally with it. Faced and worked through my top insecurities and fears until I had the courage to pursue it and continued to work through my own sh*t internally…. ⠀

Listened to my intuition on which actions to take and waited for the NOW signals to know when to act⠀

…and the world responded with my ideal, soul-mate clients (yes, not just Pia)

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Those whom I can impact and create big ripple effects in return. ⠀
And all I had to do was be in my own alignment, and speak my truth. ⠀
And the connections that were already there, were activated! ⠀
But I have a problem… a good kind of problem… ⠀

Soon, I won’t be able to take in clients personally, or journey with clients 1:1…. ⠀

Because I know that if I want to make my dream into a reality of awakening and empowering 80% of the Filipinos….. (and still have a life)

I would have to overcome my own limitations, and the false stories that my ego has created for me… ⠀
I would have to build something bigger than me, and I will have to train more people to do what I’m doing…. ⠀
I know and believe this as a fact.⠀
I also know that there’s a lot of you who want to work with me personally. ⠀

Now is the best time to do that, while I still can. ⠀

And I also know that the fact that you’re still reading this – that this post is speaking to you, one way or another… ⠀

THAT IS NOT a coincidence.

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I know and I can see the fire within many of you, wanting and knowing deep down that you are ready to step up and accelerate your growth and success…. ⠀

Trust your intuition. Trust that inner voice. smile

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Love and Light


x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners


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