August 24, 2020

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What do you do, when the things you witness in the world pains you and makes you angry?

1. You acknowledge your emotion. Find it in your body and express it. If you’re angry, feel it and express anger healthily.

2. Then you find your peace again.

And that’s how you win this “fight” you don’t ever “fight” for peace by using violence.

You don’t ever “fight” for love.

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You just return to your true natural state which is that of love…. and you express in your day to day, in any way you can that which is of peace.

Embody peace and love in ways that you can.

I’m sorry, but if you’ve ever taken part in inequality, bias, prejudice, or have ever been unfair in any of your actions with anyone, expressed favouritism, etc……

You can’t complain about inequality, because obviously you are part of the problem.

Yes the problem is there.

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But a person crying out loud about it and cursing perpetrators when you, in your own life, in your own day to day…. with the people around you, the people you deal with personally or even virtually….
Makes that person’s cries hypocritical to me.

Instead let me invite you to inspect…

How is this experience helping you reflect on your own character?
In your own experiences?
Did you have a recent opportunity to decide between kindness and fairness versus bias and cruelty?
And in that moment did you choose kindness and fairness?

I appreciate those who are sharing a story, fighting for justice….
But are you making an empty noise “just because it’s in” happy to forget the injustice on the next interesting post you see….
or are you sincerely an impact in your life, committing to changing your own behaviour, where you have, no matter how small of a matter it was, have been unjust?

Do you vow to never tolerating inequality or racism in your own reality whether as a witness or as a participant ever again?
Do you promise to choose peace in your words, in your actions?

Crying. Screaming. Reflecting. Appreciating. Growing.

How do you become the change that you want to see? 

Witnessing the world, in awareness and appreciating humanness in you and me.


 Love and light

x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners


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