November 11, 2020


A. Remove yourself from the situation/place/person and bring yourself to a safe space – nature- whatever is the closest nature is for you.

Well obviously nature is good for you but also what’s the point of staying where you are when it’s not helping you?

Moving is super important because emotions are strong energy and when you move your body- you loosen the energy and assist it to move!

B. Have some water.

Drink a bit or tons of water, whichever feels the most comfortable toxins and stress hormones are being released into your bloodstream – you don’t want it to get stuck there, trust me!

So nourish your body not with sugar or comfort foods that might just make things worse – but with water.

C. Take deep breaths.

This is where you get to decide if you have the space, time and energy to deal with this emotion or if you need to just grab some air as you have “more urgent things to do”.

Not everyone has the luxury of time and sometimes you just have to pull yourself together and smile – that’s not being pretentious or fake or “not authentic” that’s being professional and level headed.


This is compartmentalisation which is a very useful skill if you want to be functional in this society.

But more importantly – you make sure that you actually set some time to deal with the emotions and NOT continue to bury yourself with work, or binge eat or distract yourself – this is what’s going to BURY this box down – in your pile of ignored suppressed ticking time bombs of emotions.

The ideal time is within 24-48 hours.


Love and Light. kiss


x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners

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