November 19, 2020

I was never insecure with my height. I’m 5’3′ pero 5’2′ if kulang ng stretching! haha.

By Philippines standards, that’s average or even a tiny bit above.

But when I saw the world, and met people that are soooo much taller than me, it made me feel like a “short person” I started feeling really small!

That’s surprising, but also a super simple reminder.

If we compare ourselves to anything (or anyone) external, we will always find a way to “diminish” a part of ourselves – and diminish our authenticity, and sometimes even our perception of ourselves.

Our self-esteem goes down, our confidence shrinks and our self love can even falter a little.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we compare ourselves to others when we are made so surprisingly unique from billions of other creatures?

I can go on and rationalize the answer, pero kapoy type. haha.

It doesn’t really matter why, what matters more is the fact that we are thinking, conscious beings and that we ALWAYS have a choice, and we can choose not to compare. We can choose to appreciate it instead.

Instead of “feeling” less and feeling different, I actually now marvel at the variance and contrast this wonderful, amazing world lets us experience on a daily basis.

Oh, how wonderful it is indeed to be different from one another and to feel and see and accept the uniqueness that is YOU.

Remember, all insecurities root from focusing your attention to the external, and a lack of gratitude towards what you already have. Shift your focus, shift from loss to gratitude, shift your emotions, shift your life.

Stay in gratitude, people!


x Sarah S.

*photo credits to the owner


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