September 18, 2020

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If your life is the ocean, you can float or you can swim.

Floating is beautiful – it shows surrender. ⁣

But what is blind surrender?⁣

This is passive living. ⁣

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Swimming with no direction and no “proper technique” is also tiring. ⁣

You may or may not get anywhere. ⁣

You can swim against the current and fight “all your life” with all your energy… ⁣

until you get tired and start floating again, losing any control and getting back to where you were. ⁣

That’s what burnout feels like. ⁣ frown

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Or you can swim (in alignment) with the current. ⁣

A perfect symbiosis of trusting and surrendering to forces you can’t control.⁣

You can ride the bigger forces that is around you (the tides and currents).

Use it to your advantage and amplify it with things that YOU CAN control – your swimming skill, effort and energy.

Is it obvious which one is the fastest most efficient way? ⁣ innocent

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Love and Light.

 x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners


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