September 28, 2020

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When was the last time you decided to “LEARN”? ⁣ I’ve designated my MONDAYS as my LEARNING DAY.

For someone like me who is a #learningaddict⁣⁣. Learning something new is SO MUCH FUN. laughing

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My brain gets so much pleasure from understanding, trying, exploring and honing different skills and disciplines. ⁣

And one thing I have not been doing great with – is to give myself my own time for pleasure!⁣

Ironically this is something I PREACH and teach my clients. laughing

It’s amazing how I seem to “retake” the lessons so that I can relearn, master and then improve them better! ⁣

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You see, for the past 3 months I’ve been stretching myself in trying to do so many things and serving so many purposes. ⁣

Helping people heal and move past traumas…⁣
Guiding people through self discovery…⁣
Teaching mindset and self-work practices…⁣

I do feel a deep sense of gratitude and fulfilment in the different roles I get to play, lessons I get to share with people I get to serve…⁣

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AND there are always treasures for me to unpack from every experience I choose to have…⁣

But they are often cryptic and serious and require reflection and introspection.

LEARNING is always part of life, and probably is the BIGGEST singular purpose of life on Earth…. ⁣

But learning doesn’t always have to be about the “Deep meanings of life” ⁣

One other important purpose this life on Earth serves us IS TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!

So as I was walking back from this morning’s beach walk, i picked up a hoola and a pair of poi to support my #bodymovement journey because yes, I still find exercise too routinary for me.⁣ Two birds in one stone!  ⁣laughing

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How about you? Do you just let life experiences teach you the lessons you learn? ⁣

Or are you an active participant in CHOOSING which lessons or skills you get to master first? ⁣


x Sarah S.


P.s. flexing cool rainbow on my hands ⁣

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