November 23, 2020

My hair has always been symbolic in its form and change.

When I have decided to cut my hair, my download was to “let go” of what’s unnecessary.

To keep the bare minimum and to focus on what’s important.

Not going to lie, cutting my braids made me sad.
They have become a part of who I am. And acquiring them have been equally as symbolic as letting them go.

They represent my bravery, my wild, my boldness.

I recognise that these are still within me.

But I’m letting go of the attachments I have to the symbol I’ve chosen to represent them.

I wasn’t ready to let go but I did.

Honouring the fact that in a lot of things in life, you would NOT have the chance to actually be ready.

Life doesn’t wait for you.

And if you wait till you’re ready, you will be waiting forever and never actually doing.
You either cope or you fold.
So I did it anyway.

I allowed myself to grieve this loss.

Accountability. I stand in full awareness that this was a choice I made – and yes, that there are always other options.

It felt right. And not everything that is right will feel good. Remembering that some of the best and “most significant” decisions I’ve made in the past are usually heavy, difficult ones. .

Leaving you with a bunch of fluffy metaphors that hopefully made you pause and think. wink


x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners

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