Hello, beautiful soul!

I'm Sarah, a magical human being, just like you!

I'm starting a personal project I call "100 zoom dates with strangers" (Inspired by 100 lunches with strangers) that I saw my friend (Hi Sharlene!) was doing recently.

When I saw her post about it, I just thought, what a fckn brillian idea?! I have recently made a commitment to myself around building genuine connections with my "friends" in my social media, instead of just having "superficial" online connections. seriously, I'm fake, not-present connections bore me.

And so i want to invite you, if you 're open to it, to jump on a quick 30 min call with me to connect?

The pandemic has made it extra challenging to gather and even have just regular meetups.
So I think now, more than ever, we have learnt to value connections and relationships even deeper. 

Don't you agree? And thank goodness for technology!

I would love to e-meet and get to know you!

We can talk about anything from random stuff like your favorite movies and books, my newly found latin dance obsession, the weather, your favorite food, or if you're not scared to go down the rabbit hole, your favorite conspiracy theories, about the meaning of life and how everything is energy- you get the idea, i'm open to talk about anything! :)

We can also just go online and meditate together (or stare awkwardly at each other, whichever you fancy more) or play one of those silly messenger games if that's you're not the chatty type!

If you're still here, reading this I guess you'd like to connect too!

See you soon then!

P.S. I keep my schedule quite tight and can only make time for 3 calls per week, so I'm expecting this will be a whole year's project that will keep me full this 2021!

There is no hidden agenda in this call aside from making friends with you and getting to know you, so if you're not serious about being genuine and meeting the quirky Sarah, and if you can't really commit to the time that you're going to book, please don't book, and let another person take that spot! :)