December 1, 2020

The ocean called me. In the voice of quiet inspiration.

I answered.
And walked towards the beach alone.

Not thinking much.

I thought I’d test my “will” to act upon my desire.
I thought I’d just sit there, witness nature and feel the breeze.

But without thinking,
I took off my clothes to swim.
I thought I’d test my power.
And stand still against the raging waves.

It’s not long till I learnt,
I couldn’t and wouldn’t win
No matter how hard I try.

I was small and the ocean was big
I was a no different to a small pebble
Or even a spec of sand.

But before I could spiral down into feeling small…
I realised the OCEAN is ME. There was no separation.
And I stopped resisting. I gave up the silly fight I made up.

I joined the waves.  I became the waves.

I am the power that I was fighting.
No wonder I couldn’t win.


x Sarah S.


*photo credits to the owner

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