August 27, 2020

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Artwork by amazing artist @archannair


Being perfect means there’s no more room to grow.

What if our imperfection is the very reason for life on Earth?

So why don’t we stop striving for being perfect and start celebrating our imperfection?

What if we not just acknowledge our wins but also embrace the “mistakes” by their lessons?

In this life where our ultimate purpose is that of growth, expansion and experience of fun and pleasure…

How can we let ourselves be so frustrated with “not being perfect”?

Perfection does not exist because we are human BEings – this means we continue to BECOME… continue to unfold…
with no particular end result in mind.

We are always becoming something else at every moment.

You are becoming a different person, every moment – if you choose to!

And if we truly understand this, we will learn to harness the true infinite abundance that is in the present moment.

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 We let go of all the limitations we give ourselves.

The limitations coming from anchoring ourselves into the past or getting sucked into the future…

from the labels we identify our egos with… the possessions we so strongly “acquire”…

“Be free from self-judgment, and love your imperfections, dear one”

Do not let the fear of being “imperfect” STOP you from living the life you deserve.

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Perfectionist struggles? You’re not alone. wink

Love and Light. 

x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners


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