December 4, 2020

That’s what I look like 99% of the time vs what I look like when I bump into my ex. embarassed

Okay before anything else, funny story. laughing

Couple of years ago, I had one of my worst break-up experiences. It was pretty shitty, and I got super depressed.

I cried non-stop for days, couldn’t sleep nor eat, missed topping the board exams (by.3 points) and I might have gone a little bit crazy.

I got obsessed with “remaking” myself. I enrolled myself to ALL classes I’ve wanted (voice lessons, gym classes, business courses, and other new skills)…

Changed my usual oversized baggy clothes to actually wearing dresses and using girly bags, putting on makeup (and not just my brows) more consistently.

Fox let’s be honest, what’s one thing that everyone fresh from break-up is always thinking?

“I have to look great in case I bump into my ex.”

It’s okay to admit you’ve done this too.

Years passed, I actually never bumped into him, but I kept my poise and have learned to love this new, “more beautiful, more confident, more presentable” version of me.

And then, on one freakin day, I was fresh from an 8-hour flight,  had no sleep the night before, and I felt “murag ko ug trapo”, and then I saw that he’s on the same flight with me to Davao!!!

LOL. laughing

I wanted to grab my red lipstick so bad and feel just a little bit more presentable, just in case he sees me too.

(But also didn’t do that because I was with my current boyfriend and didn’t want him to say “why don’t you fix yourself up for me?)

Anyway, this isn’t really an everyday experience, but I know everyone has had their own version of “oh, shit my crush is here and murag ko ug trapo.”

or worse, seeing the new GF of your ex…

or being asked by their long term partners why they don’t “put effort” into looking pretty anymore, and feeling like you’ve let yourself down.

In the end, it ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me as it’s when I really started loving myself more.

But I’ve also proven that we do live in a society where first impressions DO LAST.

Studies show that you need  about 21 new subsequent meetings if there is any (first) impression that you want to change.

You know why looking your best gives so much good impact to people during interviews/doing presentations/ on first meetings…??


Because when you care for yourself and how you look, people KNOW that you got your shit together and that you’ll be able to perform better. 

Sometimes, even when it’s not true – like my case when I was so depressed but still showed up for myself daily (by taking good care of myself, putting on makeup and putting on a smile) you can fake it till you make it – till you become it!!!!

So yes, it does pay off to put your best foot forward.


Love and Light.

Sarah S.

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