This is for you IF:

✨ You're serious about your healing journey and committed to doing the inner work required to let go of your deepest blocks so you radiate peace, joy, happiness and TRUE WEALTH from within

✨You want to make MAGIC your new normal

✨You want to learn how to live from a place of LOVE and GRATITUDE

✨You're excited to activate your inner spiritual gifts and master them

✨ You'd like to discover manifestation HACKS that leverage your subconscious mind to turn your 10 year goals into 2 year achievements or LESS

✨ You desire to tap into your intuition and make better decisions with confidence, ease and excitement

✨ You want to MEET the rest of all of your most significant INNER RESOURCES aside from your wealth archetype

If you're ready to ELEVATE all areas of your life, apply to QCA

“What you get from WAW and QCA is more than money. It’s the way you think, the way you live your life… ibang iba na.”

–Merrick Tan, Forex trader

“5th week of QCA, I had my check up with my therapist of 7 years now. She told me she never saw me this WELL. It came to a point na my medications are minimal na because I can manage on my own.”

–Helen Labao, Project Manager

“WAW is like receiving a letter from Hogwarts saying you’re a wizard… QCA is finally attending Hogwarts to learn the tools you need!”

– Rhea Caparas, Freelancer

“I was able to manifest more businesses and opportunities… more than I was attracting before”

Marc Mancilla

"The greatest experience I had was clarity. For the very first time, I was able to describe what I really want in just a snap. I realized what my blockages are and my archetype was a big change for me."


“It was very transformational in ways I couldn’t even fully explain or comprehend… I’m hitting milestones that I never thought I would.”

– Gia

“I got unstuck. Whenever I feel insecure about my own abilities, meron na akong nababalikan. It gave a lot of magic… in my life.”

– Bituin

"I closed a $2500 deal… a week after that, an additional $6,000. Totaling to $8,000 in just a week. That’s how effective this is.”

–Bea Vergara, Freelancer & Agency Owner

“Before joining QCA, I was unemployed… I like the peace happening inside myself.”

– Jericho dela Cruz, Account Manager

“Guys, nag umpisa na! ❤️ My brother who never pays utang unless I remind him ng maraming beses just paid! Without me even reminding him. And it’s more than the amount of what I’ve paid for WAW. 🤑💸💰 I got my investment returned and even more! ❤️

– Aneihra

"QCA is like level 2 where you start learning how to float and swim. Di lang siya wealth aspect but more holistic na with healing, trusting your intuition, and refining your senses to higher levels.”

– Reyvin

"I finally understand why manifestations work for other people, it has scientific proof kaya nakaka amaze talaga. I’m so happy and grateful this was revealed to me."

– LaRa Sabate

“It’s one of a kind. I learned how to connect with myself at a deeper level… I achieved my annual sales quota a month earlier than expected… I’m closer to my most abundant self.”

– Angel Sagucio

“Everything shifted. I believe in magic more. Nagkaroon ako ng conviction in my own decision and experience na hindi affected ng ibang tao.”

– Niza