May 30, 2020

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So I was chilling by the beach, just minding my own business….⁣

Enjoying the last few sunny days before winter comes… 

Even took this cute little selfie to capture this moment as I was really enjoying my peace.🥰

I thought I was lying down far enough from the shore to be safe from the strong waves.⁣

Yet not even 5 minutes into this quiet moment, I get smacked in the faces, pushed away and then pulled into the water by a ridiculously big wave 

My clothes, my hat and my phone are drenched, and dripping wet 

In that moment, I could have:⁣

Felt angry /upset and “blame-y” at the ocean, at myself, at my friends who are with me for not warning me, etc…. 

Instead I stood up ran to the water and had more waves in my face 

I’m still figuring out why i did that, TBH… but there was ZERO negative response /emotion in my body. 

That may not be a big deal for some…But you have to understand, i did not want to go into the water today.⁣

It was cold AF for my tropical Filipino a**  

And I have huge resistance in my body for sudden temperature change!! 

But the thing is… ⁣

There are certainly things you can’t control, much like there are things you CAN control. ⁣

Things like, the waves in the ocean… ⁣
Your favourite shop closing due to COVID.⁣
What the weather is tom…⁣


But you will always have your SPHERE OF INFLUENCE:⁣


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Your perception, and how you understand things⁣
The thoughts and beliefs and stories you choose to form⁣
The feelings you feel⁣
The things you say and not say⁣
The things you do and not do. ⁣

And guess what, that DICTATES your future. ⁣

You co-create your life. YOU ACTUALLY HAVE CONTROL. ⁣

Take your power back, regardless of whatever situation you find yourself in,

and CHOOSE A BETTER FUTURE based on your NOW

x Sarah S.

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