April 29, 2021

I’m not apologising for no longer fitting the “version of me you created inside your head”.

I’m having profound and drastic new discoveries about myself daily...
I don’t even know myself ...

And I say that with a deep sense of pride because of the effort it takes to go through all the “unlearning” I have to do to take off layers and layers of programming and conditioning from my pastInspecting and unlearning beliefs about myself from other people who are not even close to walking my path

Getting rid of beliefs  and identifications that no longer serve me - or never did.

Beliefs like

I shouldn’t stand out.

That I shouldn’t be expressing too much of my opinion.

That I shouldn’t be trying too many things.

That exploring my sensual, sexual nature is evil.

That I shouldn’t be “teaching” in the way that I am.

Feeling  secure and being in this amazing sense of  steady I AMness.

That I AM my best self when I am being authentic and unapologetically me.

That I AM showing up for others best by serving and inspiring more to embrace their own authenticity.

This life is amazing.  And it is effortless because I am living my truth.

If you have any limiting/false belief do you think you have that you are ready to let go and break free from...

I would love to have a chat about it.

Because when I was struggling, I HAD NO ONE to help me... and it was a long painful struggle!

I AM HERE FOR YOU. I will listen, and I can help. 

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