Testimonials from the amazing humans who have worked with Sarah

Kevin Gonzales

Sarah is someone that knows what she’s doing. She’s someone that I think is a channel from source or something that is greater than herself. Because everything that comes out of her mouth from this lady’s mouth is absolute fire!"

Jodilly Pendre


Sarah opened me up to pretty much everything.  My personality remained, but I am much more open now to life, opportunities  and possibilities!

Angela Baysa

CEO Social on fire

Sarah gave a safe space for me to heal. There was no judgement at all which I really loved. I feel safer now. I don't feel like I need to rush anymore to get somewhere to be someone


I want to share a beautiful healing story.

So a client (and friend) had been dealing with Keratosis Pilaris, which is a skin condition where the body over produces Keratin causing pimple-like bumps on the hair follicles of her skin (in her case, on her arms)

We had a slightly unexpected session that came about from her shared frustration of the skin condition not going away/healing even after spending so much money with skin specialists and using expensive topicals/medication.

It's been more than a year that she's had the skin condition without any visible progress and she's stopped eating a lot of the food she loves as well as per doctor's advice.

When I heard about this (the treatment not working), I knew there was something deeper that's going on for her causing this "rebellion" in her body.

After all, the body already knows what to do and how to heal itself. We just need to facilitate the healing.

I also am a firm believer that our body (and any disease/illness ) is a messaging device that reveals to us emotional and energetic (metaphysical) disharmony.

I originally thought it was going to be a short 30-40 minute session, as all I intended to do was activate and install her Inner Healer Resource (Directly Borrowed from Quantum Healing, a process that I am mastering atm) in the body to take care of what needs to happen.

Fairly simple, right?

I was wrong.

Within the session, as I invited the Inner Healer to be revealed, and activate, I quickly realised it wasn't going to be a "smooth and direct" process.

I quickly had to switch from facilitation to directing and establish direct communication with both her body, her energy and her unconscious mind (using tools from NLP, Kinesiology and my own intuition)t o deal with deeper past traumas that were haunting her.

When it was clear that the Inner Healer wasn't going to be enough, and as I asked the body, what other resource would be needed to deal with her KP, I was told the Forgiver would be needed as well.

Some of the 'sensory' manifestations of her blocks (that I can remember) were:

- a heavy suffocating and disgusting weight on her chest (like a big ROCK) that is bigger than her body

- needle pins on her skin

- dark shadow looming over her

There were more that I have forgotten.

(For my NLP nerd friends, you would know that I made use of submodalities to take her through a journey)

I invited for the inner healer and the forgiver to work together to resolve all issues from past, present and the future, and there was a lot of crying involved- I know that we have stumbled upon deep traumas that needed healing.

After the session that took about 3 hours...

We had a debrief and she shared what the experience was and what she had been dealing with (Which I wasn't aware of before the session)

I found out that she has had a history of sexual abuse, and has battled the feelings of unworthiness, depression and lack of self esteem/ confidence.

It's resulted into feelings of extreme shame and guilt, feelings of questioning God and her worthiness to live.

She has never had a romantic relationship,because she didn't think anyone could love her because of her past.

She did not feel confident about her body, she harbored anger and resentment and disgust for her own body and have lived with so much pain for such a long time that it's showing up in her health.

There were moments in her past where she had no reason to live anymore and was ready to die.

I held space for her as she cried and finally felt safe to open up about her past, as no one actually knows about what she has gone through.

After our session, I advised her to not take her medicine/ointment and just trust her body to do what it needs to do.

For I knew in my heart, that she was healed.

She didn't listen to this immediately, and when she put the ointment/crean she's used before, she had an extreme reaction that caused a bigger rash!

Which then convinced her to listen to my advice.

So she stopped the creams/ointments and medication.

After one session and about 8 weeks....

She messages me to inform me that the specialist has declared full healing of her skin condition, this was the only visit she had after our session.

She's now left with just scars and just needs to exfoliate 🙂



She now has a new found lightness about her, she now IS IN A CONSTANT STATE OF OVERFLOWING LOVE for herself!

She has fully forgiven her perpetrator, and no longer feel the heaviness in her heart that was there when she communicates with the perpetrator (who was a family member)

She no longer is in a habit of criticizing herself or falling into negative self talk

She has made amends with another family member that has caused her pain and suffering from the past

She now lives with love and understanding in her heart.

Small things don't cause her stress or anxiety anymore- her spirit is constantly untroubled and at peace no matter what is going on in her body or in the phsyical reality.


If you’re new to healing ‘miracles’ like this, and are curious to read more.. I’d recommend the ff books: You can heal your life, Dying to be me, The Biology of Belief.



Thanks for reading and for anyone asking what exactly it is I do- I hope this share also shed some light about how I work with others as a coach/facilitator/healer. I am very humbled to be able to facilitate healing transformations like this. ❤️

P.s. this story is shared with full consent and permission from her. And she’s had a vision that one day, she will use this story to empower others as well, and for now she is extremely grateful to allow me to let her story out to hopefully inspire others as well ❤️🙏

Robert Hawkins // Author

The Spiral has changed my life in ways I didn’t even realise were possible.

I’ve just finished my last Spiral session with Sarah, and I am a completely different person compared to who I was when we started a few months ago.

Previously I was still holding onto STRONG people-pleasing behaviour.

I was allowing myself to be the emotional victim to others and to my past – both of which I was giving too much power over my own happiness.

I was completely stuck on a project (writing a book) which has the potential to change my life. Fear of my own success and fear of ‘being seen’ were crippling my ability to get it done.

And I had such a toxic relationship with money that I was actively repelling it from my life (without knowing I was the cause)

I knew I had a lot of potential, and I was on a journey to improve myself and become whole; but it was through fumbling around and trial and error, which was going to end up delaying my success and happiness for god-knows-how-long! In the meanwhile, I was missing out on life...

But with Sarah and The Spiral, all of a sudden I had a coach and healer in my corner who could target exactly what was holding me back, and permanently change and release those blockages.

 I don’t even know how to describe the process, but it was a mix of energy healing/releasing, psychotherapy, extremely practical exercises, and a safe and loving and motivating space; which, all together, have been incredibly powerful. And I have knowledge and tools that I will use for the rest of my life.

I’ve now finished that major project and have already mapped out my next projects and my bigger purpose, I’m in love with myself in ways I never have been before, I’ve embraced my masculine power, and I’m living each day with joy.

I highly, highly recommend The Spiral with Sarah for anyone who is ready to change gears in their life and step into their true selves.

Prepare to do the work, though, and to be triggered, and to cry ugly tears (and laugh happy tears ). But you will thank yourself (and Sarah) for going through it!

Robert Hawkins / Author

Kresta Ang

Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay

"I'm super super chill, which is very very far from the Kresta before Sarah.

Sharlene Cruz

Sarah is so approachable, and so loving, and has this deep understanding and intuition towards people. She has such clarity on where you are, it help you trust her. I love that. As you work with Sarah, you will find that you will uncover small things then big things. As you go to the journey, you will transform.

Kristine Nantes


By working with Sarah, there is inner healing. Right now, when I say that I'm happy, I really mean that I'm happy. It doesn't mean that I don't have problems but right now, it's easier to navigate even if I have these problem. I have certainty that it's just going to pass.

Nisha Karthigasu

People have just noticed a difference in how I tend to carry myself and like even I notice that, I see a lot of positivity, and work, and doing much better and better at communicating

Vanessa Jane Go


After working with Sarah, I really learned how to let go. It was so liberating to let go and surrender. I found peace. I really can say that I'm happy and I found peace within. It's such an amazing journey.

Kristine Nantes


By working with Sarah, there is inner healing. Right now, when I say that I'm happy, I really mean that I'm happy. It doesn't mean that I don't have problems but right now, it's easier to navigate even if I have these problem. I have certainty that it's just going to pass.

I AM NOT ENOUGH! is the biggest false tale I proved myself to assume. and in this lie, I was hooked! and eventually manifested in different areas in the way I lived.

I wasn't a good enough student,

 wasn't adequate enough of a worker,

I wasn't chosen,

I wasn't fought for,

I only took the bare minimum,

I wasn't determined to be an ethical role model,

I wasn't a quality performer.

I've been playing small because of this "I am not enough" narrative I've convinced myself along the way.

My inner critique has an origin story that didn't start from me being unkind to myself.

So, deep down I KNOOOOW that I deserve to manifest my full potential. And just believing in that NEW thought created the biggest shift of me attracting Sarah Mañosca Suyom

Kareena Lagamon //Artist

Sarah exudes this total bliss and love that I haven't seen when I first met her back in 2018. She looks different/she seems different and radiated light energy that was so apparent on her social media. I even jokingly told myself:

"Whatever she is taking, I want that".

I was dead serious

Fast Forward when I took that leap of faith.

We had our first call and she eventually offered me her services to do Spiral to unlearn and unload my history.

It's like therapy, but BETTER.

It is so potent I felt the rush and shift of my being in a short period of time. And to be truly honest, it scared me for a while because, I was falling in love....

Not with anyone, but with MYSELF. I was finally slowly stepping into the Kareena that i long for. The Kareena that believed in herself and can finally say with full confidence:

"I am myself, myself & nothing but myself. I am finally and always has been enough"

To say the least, I allowed myself to forgive the past and let go of the future's outcome. I am okay being in the present moment and welcome all range of emotions.

I am now free from dogma and shame.

I am trusting my power of intuition to create quality life, not just for myself but for the the future lives I touch; to honor my creativity and have courage to show the world; and a voice to not only speak up but to also sing and get people inspired by the music i can offer 

Still consistently learning that change is the only constant, so i thought I would join it.

Kareena Lagamon / Artist

I wanted a more meaningful life - a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Be a better role model to my kids and make a positive impact.

I had accomplished so many things in life but I knew I was limiting myself. Every time I wanted to move forward, I felt stuck

Every time I set goals, I felt paralysed because I lacked the self-belief. My fear of failure and uncertainty restricted me to go outside my comfort zone but greater to that was the fear of success. I was stuck in my own comfort of success that inhibited my growth to be more.

Before working with Sarah, I struggled with self-sabotaging behaviours. My self-doubt and overthinking resulted in poor productivity and eventually I felt burnt out because I was so emotionally and mentally invested in my self-sabotaging habits.

Johanna Alfred // Businesswoman

During my Spiral, I started to uncover my anchors and I became more aware of my thoughts and feelings. I was able to reconnect with my authentic self. I learnt to prioritise myself, as a mother this was difficult to do but once I embraced self-love and self-care, my approach to motherhood changed - for the better. I’m not perfect however I now have the ability, the tools, techniques, and the knowledge to be able to cope with triggers and challenges in life.

After Spiral, I found calmness in me which allowed me to be more present and mindful. I don’t overthink as much, so I have more clarity, peace of mind and no resistance. There is a flow to everything I do. When I started working on my being, the doing became easy, aligned and more fulfilling. This was evident when I found the confidence to start my passion project called the Balikbayan Box Movement.

My Spiral Journey with Sarah has been one of the best gifts I have given myself. She is remarkable and has this intuitive gift to connect with people and hold space. The energy of working with Sarah is genuine and palpable. It has been a life changing journey!

Although my Spiral session with Sarah is complete, my Spiral journey has not stopped, I am still working on my journey and still becoming!

Johanna Alfred / Businesswoman

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