September 2, 2020

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Whenever you worry that…⁣
What you have isn’t enough.⁣
What you’re doing is not enough.⁣
The results you’re getting is not enough.⁣
The progress you’re making is not enough.⁣

You rob yourself of the gift of celebrating your small wins.⁣

And ‘what you resent, you will not have.’ ⁣

Worse, if you see your small wins and feel any sort of anger, resentment, dissatisfaction – you end up attracting more dissatisfaction and discontentment, and block further progress.

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So if you can’t appreciate the small things, and be ‘okay’ with it right now,

do you truly think you can appreciate and ‘be happy’ about the bigger things?⁣

Your ego will say yes. But I’m willing to bet, that burst of dopamine won’t last.⁣

Think about it.⁣

What was one thing you wanted so badly before and then you got it… and then just in a matter of time…

It’s not enough… again? ⁣

I’m not saying that one should be mediocre. If you know me, mediocrity is not in my thing too… ⁣

The secret is celebrating the 2% ⁣

Small steady progress always wins.


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When you learn to recognise and acknowledge the small wins you make:⁣

You build confidence in yourself⁣
You build trust in yourself⁣
You instantly feel gratitude in your body and make yourself feel good in the NOW⁣
Your subconscious will make “more” and “more” of these little wins until they become the BIG wins.⁣

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It’s easy to look ahead and feel like ‘I’m not there yet’ ⁣

But if you have a look back and see how far you’ve gone, you give yourself permission to celebrate you, your growth. ⁣

Be your own cheerleader.


Even if you think it will. It won’t be.

And the secret to having a steady stream of fulfilment and contentment in life is to appreciate the phase you are in, every step of the way. ⁣

It is THE JOURNEY, not THE DESTINATION that brings more joy.  smile


x Sarah S.


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