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Congratulations to truly investing with yourself and connecting with amazing people!

My intention in this community is to be supportive of its members so you can expect that it's not only gonna be me who's supporting you, but everyone in this community will have a level of self responsibility and participation. To maximise the benefits of being part of this community, you have to participate!

I am super excited to have you here and super excited to have a place where I can just dump everything that I'm trying to learn and navigate and transform into something that's powerful and helpful and have an amazing community to teach things to, but more importantly, to help you remember how amazing you are.

I have stepped down from becoming the person who leads, but a person who facilitates. Mostly I will be helping you facilitate your own learning, facilitate you remembering your magical powers.

At the very least, we will be having One Community call a week, I encourage you to be there as much as you can, but if not, you can watch the replays I am gonna encourage you to post a video on the Triggerless Life Community!

I'm gonna wait for your live, and encourage everyone to get to know each other and to feel everyone's energy because I promise you everyone in this community is freaking awesome.

Everyone in here has an amazing gift to share and I am so happy to be the person to glue you guys together. It's such a wonderful opportunity to have

You're gonna see more of me in this group and more assignments and activities, but for now, That's it. I am looking forward to hearing your intentions and excitement (what is it that you're looking forward to!)



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