These people have made the courageous decision to change their lives for the better

The best part? They’re not alone.

There’s a family waiting to welcome you home, here at Triggerless Life Exclusive.


What they say

Do it! It's such a safe and secure (and fun) environment to dive into your spiritual and emotional discovery. Sarah is a master at what she does, and you'll feel like your growth is in very safe hands with all that she offers.

Robert Hawkins - Author

Sarah course changes my perspective and mindset and it improved my productivity and confidence

May Oroyan - Social Media Marketer

What's inside the Community?

TLE is an exclusive group of amazing humans who have made the decision to take control of their lives for the better, with the support of a community of passionate, open, and growth-focused community. 

The TLE community gathers every Monday 5PM PHT & 7PM AEST to learn new things about life, and directly apply their learnings about self-autonomy, mindset, emotional competence, and communication. 

Improved lives all over -- relationships, careers, business, and self mastery. These are regular testimonials at the TLE community. 

Less triggers. Less stress. Just more of the life you deserve. 

Weekly Community Calls

Meditations, Emotional Clearing, Hacks on mindfulness, relationships, emotions, etc & Exclusive Reflection Points from Real Time Coaching Sessions for the Week

Energetic and Emotional Clearing

Self Inquiry, Journaling Prompts and many more assignments for your SELF MASTERY! Structured Learning for new skills, knowledge about different topics and aspects of life

Access to Triggerless Life Exclusive Group and Chat thread!

Also a Free access to the upcoming @TriggerlessLife App

Crazy Exclusive Members Discounts on my 1:1, workshops and webinars!

And sooo much more!

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Sarah

I help achievers access the next level of success in their income and have better harmony in their relationships through self mastery

It will be my pleasure to align you with your higher purpose, help you get clarity and bring you more of what you want in your life!

Over a hundred testimonials recorded. You could be the next. 

Who is this Community For?

This is for you if:

  • Those who are serious about their personal development and wants to accelerate the expansion of their awareness 

  • Those who are ready to uplevel different areas of their lives
  • Those who have considered working with Sarah 1:1 but are not yet for their Quantum leap yet

  • Those who want to learn specific skills about manifestation, relationships, mindfulness, emotional freedom
  • Those who want to have improved mindfulness and access more joy and freedom in their day to day.
  • Those who want to have  access to a group of supportive, empowered, aware individuals for support and  shared growth

This is not for you if:

  • People who are still in  the victim mindset and feel like they are completely powerless over their situations and lives

  • People who don’t have self-responsibility and are wanting to be rescued instead
  • Those who are not willing to come out of their comfort zone
  • Those who are close-minded and don’t enjoy learning new things