September 3, 2020

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Without pressure, diamond is just coal.

Read that again.

But do you know what a true miracle is?


  • It’s the shift of perspective, so effortlessly that it’s almost silly how you could have not seen it (that way) sooner.
  • It’s the melting away of illusions and distortions that your ego has created for you.
  • It’s that “AHA” moment. Understanding why shitty things have to happen the way they did; tears had to be cried.

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 It’s not always easy.

But it was never meant to be a one-sided life.

We intended to experience the fullness of life.

Allow that fullness.

Embrace it.

And trust that you are a victor, with choices.

You just have to claim that power.


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“Life happens for you” indeed.

Love and Light. 

x Sarah S.

*photo credits to the owner

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