The life changing weekend: WEALTH ASCENSION WORKSHOP

HAPPENING ON MAY 14-15, 2022

Interested in Manifestation, Wealth building and Healing your relationship with money?

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This is for you if:

- You want to heal and improv eyour relationship with money

- You want to unlock and meet your wealthiest self

- You want to learn a powerful way to map and clear your limiting 

beliefs about money

- You want to learn easy to follow steps to manifest money/wealth

- You are ready to step into your fullest potential

This is not for you if:

- You are closed-minded and not willing to grow

- You are not ready for massive transformation in your life, especially in your finances.

- You are not fully committed to healing old wounds regarding money

- If you are afriad to be turly wealthy

- If you are looking for other people to rescue you

This workshop will teach you about the nature of mooney in ways you've probably not realised before! It will help you access a whole new reality. You can break free from old paradigms that no longer serve you and keeping you stuck, and connect with a new set of possibilites!

You will be given practical, easy to follow steps on how to activate the abundance energy, any time, and know how to feel GOOD, LIKE REALLY, REALLY GOOD and learn powerful secrets of manifestation. 

Some clients have doubled and even tripled their sales, created and attracted several income opporutnites, manifested random sources of money, and even had old forgotten debt paid sometimes even within the workshops!


This workshop is life changing. I never thought that an almost 5-hr workshop can actually give me clarity. For someone whose been so unsure with life, I'm still in awe that I was able to see what I want my future self to be and to have the faith that it's already happening. Worth the time and money. This workshop has given me the opportunity to actually have overflowing abundance.

Chelsea Villamater

You have to try this workshop no matter who you are. You can really feel the energy shift (which I had so many doubts on). Totoo pala, everything is energy, even money, wealth and abundance. I finally understand why manifestations work for other people, it has scientific proof kaya nakaka amaze talaga. I’m so happy and grateful this was revealed to me. 

Lara saabate

You're dumb if you don't wanna take this workshop. Jk 😂 Imagine this:You're a bird whose lived in a cage all your life, believing that your world is limited to the space that contains you, yet wanting to experience 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦. And throughout all this, you never knew that the door to the cage was unlocked the entire time. You could fly away at any given moment, yet you don't. Solely because you didn't know any better. Then one day, a strong gust of wind passes through your cage, flailing open the flimsy, but most importantly, unlocked door. You finally realize, all the time spent dreaming of experiencing more was within your grasp, but you weren't aware of the fact. You fly away and follow where that same wind takes you and land perched on a tree high above, overlooking the horizon in awe, when it finally hits you, "I've always had an infinite array of possibilities in front of me, but I never saw past my cage. Now that I know better, what am I going to do about it?"This workshop is that gust of wind that'll lead you to places you didn't realize were 𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦. I highly recommend it to anyone who values their personal growth and loves cultivating self-awareness. Fair warning though: the workshop is like self-awareness on steroids.Enter with an open mind, leave with a full heart.  

Rhea Caparas

What my clients say...

Kareena Lagamon


I was finally slowly stepping into the Kareena that I long for. That Kareena that believes in herself and can finally say with full confidence: “I am myself,  myself and nothing but myself. I am fully and always has been enough.”

I am now free from dogma and shame. I am now trusting my power of intuition to create quality life not just for myself, but for the future lives I touch; to honor my creativity and have the courage to show the world, and a voice to not only speak up but to also sing and get people inspired by the music I can offer

Sharlene Cruz

After working with Sarah as my coach and healer, I've noticed that my mindset has shifted. I am more self-aware of my blocks and limiting beliefs through the healing work which she has coached me through. I have now chosen to work through these limiting beliefs and helped myself to change. Sometimes I surprise myself as now I can easily walk with confidence and find that I am living life whole-heartedly, and with joy.

There's never a quick fix, however, if you set the intention to fully committing to healing yourself and doing the work, you will see a radical change in your life when you take on the Spiral journey.

Libni Fortuna


I started my self awareness journey with her, and ever since, I’ve been receiving a lot of breakthroughs and manifestation in my life!! Not only in relationships, in career but also financially, emotionally, spiritually!!!! I cannot explain or emphasize enough the need to have someone mentor you most especially these days. It’s worth the investment, because you receive back twice or more than thrice what you gave. 

I love you sar. Thank you for giving me hope, excitement, and discovery in this life! Thank you for guiding me and opening up my eyes to something much more bigger than this mere human experience. And to this human me.

Are you ready to let go of what's holding you back? If you're interested in doing 1-1, apply for a consultation!

"Don't be the moth that flew too close to the fire."

A year ago, I was in this exact position. I was too focused on my career and nothing else seemed to matter more.

If I choose to I can accept bookings as early as 3 am and stop working at midnight. And that's exactly what I'm doing. With no days off.

I was a workaholic and I had no limits, and I was naive enough to think that I was unbreakable.

It's easy to use passion as an excuse to perpetuate this unhealthy work style I was unknowingly burying myself into.

I was working hard but not working smart, blinded by my goals.

I was getting all sorts of "signs" from my body that I needed to slow down, take care of my body and rest more.

Back and wrist pain from fatigue.

A big ass stye that came out of nowhere affected my vision.

A random cyst that has to be operated on my foot stopped me from driving (for a bit)

You see, when you don't know how to say no, your body and your circumstances will do it for you.

But I was stubborn and I didn't listen.

So finally I went too fast and rolled over the car I was driving.

Alas, the perfect metaphor.

The universe didn't want me dead, it just needed me to pause and reflect on the way I was living my life.

Something has drastically got to change.

My friend, don't let your ambitions blind you, burn you out and "kill you", like it almost did me. Don't be like these moths.

A lot of people start "working hard" and in the process lose sight of what's really valuable in their lives- their relationships, their health.

Worse case, they start loosing their purpose and fall into the trap of the rat race (or the bigger rat race after that).

While it is amazing to be driven, have a goal, find a purpose in your career and make tons of money while you're at it, too much of anything can be toxic.

Always pause, strive for balance and fuel other aspects in your life.

Fast forward to today, that Sarah is long gone. She indeed has died in that moment.

The Sarah that climbed out of that crashed upside down car was a new one.

This one is still on a mission. But this one, I can actually be proud of. 💕

Sarah M. Suyom

This is for you if

If you are committed to your growth and personal development and want to reach your highest potential

If you have been on the healing path and have been searching for a way to release and let go of all the conditioning & you want to excel and step into the best version of yourself

If you want an expanded awareness and higher consciousness. & you KNOW that you are meant for greater things but have not been able to access that part of yourself

If you are ready to deepen into presence and embody the human experience. If you are Shadow Work and Jung enthusiast

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and Have Access to Free Resources for your Self Work Journey!