Please make sure to watch the video below


Make sure you checked your email from us and click the BLUE BUTTON that says "Yes, I'm attending" so that we can start reviewing your consultation application.

Once approved, one of our team members (or on lucky occasions, I, personally)  will give you a call or get in touch via text/email/social media to check in on you and make sure you can maximize our time together on the call!

How to prepare for the call

Set a reminder

I highly encourage that you set a reminder on your phone's calendar app, that goes off the night before our call,  and another one an hour before our call. 

Ask for your family members' support by requesting to not disturb you during our time of the call.

If you let it, this call can be a massive turning point of your life, prepare yourself 100%, mentally and emotionally, and put your phone on silent or turn it off completely during the call to avoid distractions.

There is a limit to how many people Sarah works with on a 1-1 and group capacity, please respect this call booking and make sure to be on the call. 

Bring your partner to the Call

Invite your partner or any other significant decision maker in this consultation with you. 

Anyone who is involved in planning and allocating your finances as well as those who care for your over-all health and well-being is welcome, so that we can easily address your questions if they arise during the meeting.

Save the Zoom Link

The meeting will be held using the ZOOM app. The link is found in your email. Make sure to save it!

It is recommended that you join the call using your laptop or desktop computer, but if you plan to use your phone, you may need to install the ZOOM App. Please ensure you've done this ahead of time. 

Once you have watched the video above, open your email and save the Zoom link (in your calendar or in your notes) as soon as possible.

Note: If you did not receive any confirmation link, please feel free to reach us in the details below: 

Whatsapp Number: +61499108026

Email: [email protected]

Once again congratulations for booking a call with us and we are looking forward to see you during our appointment!

What's Next?

Watch some of the incredible success stories of graduates of Sarah's 1-1 and group programs

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Sr. Deputy GM
Japanese Manufacturing Company

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Project Manager

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JC Cardenas

Lead Gen Wizard

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Freelance/Content Creator

Jewelle Mae Solijon

Scholarship Student for an 
Overseas Masteral Program

Maica La'O

Regional Sales Manager

Finally, if you haven't filled out the intensive self-inquiry and intentions form, please click HERE to do it now, be as honest and as comprehensive as you can be! See you soon! :)
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