August 31, 2020

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If you continue to identify yourself WITH YOUR PAST MISTAKES, you will continue to feel bad, sad, defeated and angry at yourself.

This is damaging to your confidence and self esteem!

You are whole and perfect even when you make mistakes.

You are in this earth to learn. And life is all about learning!

If you’re not making any mistakes then you are not growing and you’re not trying anything new!!

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You have to be gentle with yourself and understand that mistakes are MEANT to happen as part of your growth and expansion.

Get over your mistakes by forgiving yourself, focusing on the lessons, improving your behaviour, and TRYING AGAIN, DOING BETTER. ❤️

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This is a reminder that:

YOU SHOULD NEVER LET AN EXPERIENCE (Good or Bad) dictate your self-worth or self-love.

The fact that you are still here in this lifetime is a proof that the universe wants you here and that you deserve to live and breathe just like any other else.

You are so much more than you think you are.


Light and love. ❤️

 x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners


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