November 4, 2020

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Aside from learning how to growl, cuss and use the F word every 5-10 seconds. I’ve had three other realizations from doing a week of High Intensity Training.

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1. Athletes, body builders, fighters deserve so much more respect.

It’s not easy to build strength, it’s not easy to grow and become a totally different person.

This goes double for all overweight people in the gym too.

Hands down for taking control of your body and your life-changing and to everyone who chooses to work on themselves.


2.  Your worst critic is indeed yourself.

When you’re doing something you’ve never done before, pushing yourself to your limits…

Your brain will tell you “I CAN’T” Multiple times.

Guess what? Your brain is not always right.

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And it’s up to you to listen to that voice and stop, or to question your thought and say “fuck it, I’m not quitting.”

I heard this little voice saying “I can’t do that” over 30 times even before we even started.

The reps the coaches demonstrated to us looked impossible for me to finish.


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But I did.

And I did it again.

And again.

I finished the effin set.

And I did a whole other session later the same day.

As Christie said, your brain quits first, then your lungs, then your muscles.

So the next time you hear yourself say “I can’t” –

DO NOT believe it.

Never, ever quit with your brain. Because in reality, you can only say you can’t if you’ve really, really, tried doing it.
Any other reasoning would just be an excuse.

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3.  It’s so important to keep your goal in mind.

Growing will involve a lot of pain. The greater the growth from who you are now, the more painful it will be.

Okay, maybe not always as bad as muscle cramps and crippling fatigue, but there will definitely be discomfort in learning or trying something new.

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That can be pretty scary.

And when you start doubting your decision on those fraction of a second when you’re overwhelmed with pain – knowing your WHY will save you.

Take that first step:

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Love and Light.


*photos credit to the owners

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