October 9, 2020

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You don’t need permission to feel whatever it is that you’re feeling.

Happy? smile Great!
Sad? frown Great!
Excited? laughing Great!
Nervous? undecided Great!
At peace? cool Great!
Angry? yell Great!

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You get the idea.

Every emotion has its place in your life, depending on the context of your experience.

Imagine a life where everything is perfect and you’re happy all the time – do you think you’ll enjoy it? I honestly don’t think so. 

Contrast is what makes us EXPERIENCE things. 


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You won’t love the sun as much if it never rained or snowed. 

You won’t see the light if shadows don’t exist.

Surprise, surprise, you’re on EARTH, as a human being with human emotions to EXPERIENCE THE FULL SPECTRUM OF EMOTIONS.

You’re not here to live a half life and experience only ‘positive’ emotions. 



Well you were meant to feel angry and sad when you feel angry and sad, and it is SUPPOSED to be shitty! 

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Your emotions are your internal guiding system.

If you have been taken advantage of or your boundaries were crossed or hurt in any way – if you don’t feel any form of ‘bad/heavy’ emotions, you would think that everything was okay and you will not learn from the situation. 

‘Heavy’ emotions save you!

They guide you to make the necessary changes in your life for a more expansive, beautiful living! 

Unfortunately, traditional upbringing (at least for my experience) didn’t really encourage me wallowing on my tears or even just being sad. 

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With innocent comments like:

‘Don’t be sad’ frown

‘Don’t cry/stop crying’ cry

‘Don’t be angry’ yell

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So we (or maybe just me?) all learnt to avoid or suppress these emotions. 

But as a HOOMAN going through life, it is obviously inevitable! 

And when it does come up …

You (like me) end up panicking as we didn’t learn the skill of handling, allowing or managing these emotions.

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So instead, let’s classify emotions as: EFFECTIVE/INEFFECTIVE or HELPFUL/UNHELPFUL depending on the context! 

Anger and pride when transmuted and directed properly can be channeled into powerful WILL! 

Desire when followed consciously – leads to a happier, more exciting and more fulfilling life!

Love and Light. kiss

x Sarah S.

*photos credit to the owners


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